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  • I first of all never trust Drs. I entered his office, I began fighting him immediately as he attempted to assure me of his professional experience and his promise not to hurt me.

    I am completely amazed that every bit of fear that I had for the very first time of going to the dentist office for over 40 years; this was the very first time I could possibly trust "what?" a doctor of all people.

    He by far is certainly the very best dentist I've ever discovered.

    I was smiling while the needle was still in my mouth. This doctor can be trusted. Just relax and enjoy. Thank you Dr. Raj for making a new believer out of me!

    - Anonymous
  • You are a true talent! My visit today was very enjoyful and pleasant. You have a wonderful sense of humor, which made me feel comfortable. I am now a very happy dental patient.

    - C. B.
  • Dr. Randhawa was very professional when I came in I could not even talk. You made me confident in dentists again and relieved all my pain. You are the greatest and the world needs more dentists like you. Thank you very much.

    - L. W.
  • It was a pleasure to have you attend to my aching tooth. Your diagnosis of the problem, clear and thoughtful approach, your ability to communicate to me what you recommended and the actual careful dental work, all of these factors made for a most pleasant visit to the dentist. Thank you.

    - E. B.
  • I was a little afraid before the bleaching. But once again, I had no pain and I was comfortable. I feel great with my teeth! My teeth look like those of a movie star and Dr. Randhawa was so nice. Thank you!

    - L. F.
  • I was so afraid of the needle that I didn't want to go to the dentist, until I met Dr. Randhawa. He is so good with needles; I didn't feel anything so I definitely recommend him to everyone. He always tells you everything he is doing. He's the "best."

    - R. G.
  • Dr. Randhawa, you show patience and care in your work. You make the patient, in this case me, comfortable. I wouldn't have thought to do veneers if it wasn't based on your suggestion. I'm glad you educated me into getting them. I feel very "happy" with them I would recommend them (veneers) and you to anyone. Thank you!

    - N. S.
  • In every profession you always have special people who just excel. Both Dr. Raj and Sonia start the process off right by getting to know the patient (not just the routine questionnaire that is filled out). This truly set the tone of the trust and professionalism. I could not believe that after the first visit I was actually going to the dentist with my CD to relax (but it is true). I personally want to thank God for making our paths cross, because you are allowing me to practice good dental health with a different outlook and reinforcing there are still good positive health professionals out there.

    - E. D.
  • It was definitely a pleasure to go the dentist for a change. You definitely take pride and care in what you do, and it shows. Thank you so much for staying late and in the pain relief you gave me. Good luck and years of continued success.

    - M.W. Tampa, Florida
  • I had my teeth fixed by Dr. Rajdeep Randhawa and I'm so happy about my smile now, I feel confident to smile anytime. Dr. Raj and Sonia made me feel real comfortable when working on my teeth every week that I went there. I recommend everyone to go to him to get their teeth fixed.

    - R. R.
  • Dr. Raj and Sonia gave me new veneers. I am sooo very happy with the awesome job that was done. They are beautiful and caring people and so much fun. I'm very grateful that I have a better and brighter smile now. I will give their name out to all my friends and relatives. Thank you.

    - J. D.