Laser Dentistry: The Ultimate in Aerosol-Free Dentistry 

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Epic Hygiene

The Ultimate in Aerosol-Free Dentistry

The Only Hygiene-Only Laser FDA Cleared For Laser Bacterial Reduction.

Innovative Dentistry Introduced Epic Hygiene Solution In The Covid 19 Environment To Do Aerosol-Free Laser Bacterial Reduction And Other Laser Procedures For Safety And Comfort Of Our Dental Patients.

  • Laser bacterial reduction (decontamination) and reduction of inflammation
  • Pocket Therapy: Debris removal for preventative care
  • Perio Debridement: Sulcular debridement with epithelial and granulation tissue removal
  • Aphthous Ulcers & Herpetic Lesions
  • Hemostasis

Laser Bacterial Reduction has never been easier!

What is Laser Bacterial Reduction?

During therapy, the laser operated by a Laser certified Dental Hygienist acts to decontaminate periodontal pockets, gums, and the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. The treatment also kills bacteria that can contribute to bone loss, pneumonia, heart disease, unstable glycemic control, acute and chronic inflammation and much more. Laser bacterial reduction therapy reduces the risk of gum disease resurgence when compared to traditional treatments for gum disease by decontaminating the gums and reduction of inflammation. Patients suffering from comorbidities such as diabetes and other acute/chronic inflammatory diseases benefit a lot in maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle.

How Much Does Laser Bacterial Reduction Cost?

A complete periodontal exam with clinical and radiographic examination is needed to come up with a customized treatment plan for every patient. We do not participate in any dental plans and are a fee for the service Dental office. We don't base your treatment recommendations based on your dental plan benefits. Dental plan regular cleanings and deep cleanings generate a lot of Aerosols that are very Harmful in the current Covid 19 situation. If you want dental plan cleanings you have to go to your dental plan participating dentist.
You are most welcome to come to us, pay for the service, and then we bill your dental plan with the payment from the plan going directly to you. How much they pay or whether they pay or not is between you and the dental plan/insurance companies? We are out of network for all dental plans as we do not want insurance companies interfering in the doctor-patient relationship, dictating the least expensive and outdated procedures with a lot of plan limitations. The insurance companies are for-profit, believe in cost-cutting and do not want
the latest cutting-edge technologies to be used by their subscribers so they pay for the least expensive procedures like dental prophylaxis or simple insurance cleaning as patients describe it. This procedure generates a lot of Aerosols so for the safety of our patients and staff we stopped doing this as we have better options available.

Does Laser Reduction Treatment Have Side Effects?

Laser bacterial reduction therapy is virtually painless, patients can get the procedure done as an adjunctive therapy without the pain of injections (and lingering numbness). Often, only a light topical anesthetic spray is required in some patients. Patients who have Laser Bacterial Reduction in addition to scaling and root planing will already be numb for removal of
calculus deposits and diseased granulation tissue.

Why Choose Innovative Dentistry for Laser Dentistry?

Your dentist can perform a variety of procedures using laser technology. Dr. Randhawa offers a wide range of Laser procedures with both the dentist and hygienist laser certified by Biolase. This includes Biomimetic Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Minimally Invasive Dentistry, and Laser Teeth Whitening that takes less time and causes less sensitivity than other systems. Laser therapy can be used to reduce inflammation, remove diseased tissue, to help in the healing, repair, and regeneration of healthy gums. This method also
encourages healthy gum tissue to regenerate and attach to the teeth.

What to Expect After a Dental Laser Treatment?

Laser bacterial reduction dentistry reduces or eliminates bleeding and minimizes swelling. There is no charring and no drill noise or vibration. Overall, laser reduction treatment can reduce or eliminate the stress and anxiety of dental work. In addition, postoperative sensitivity is greatly limited by laser dentistry, and recovery time is much quicker. Because
laser bacterial reduction therapy is far less invasive, the mouth begins to heal immediately after treatment.