EPIC Laser Whitening

The Ultimate in Aerosol-Free Dentistry

Create Bright Smiles, Faster

Patients want brighter, whiter smiles. Offer your patients the confidence and benefits of EPIC X laser whitening: The fastest in-house whitening system available: It takes only 20 minutes (vs. 50-60 minutes with other systems). Provides a whitening option for people with sensitive teeth Generate new revenue for your practice Increase referrals with technologically advanced laser whitening Give your patients a beautiful, brighter, whiter smile that makes them feel good Twice as Fast!

Laser Whitening with EPIC X is more than twice as fast as other in-office systems. 60 Min. EPIC X Whitening Other Leading In-Office Whitening Systems20 Min.In-Chair Whitening Time in Minutes. The ergonomic handpiece is comfortable for the practitioner and the patient. Patients appreciate the shorter chair time and higher level of comfort that EPIC X laser whitening provides.


A Better Way to Whiten in the Clinic


Epic X is the all-in-one everyday diode laser. This aerosol-free best-seller dental laser features new software technology and a new cordless foot pedal, among other notable innovations. With quick surgical capabilities, numerous hygiene procedures (where permitted), plus modes for Pain Therapy and Whitening, Epic X is a highly versatile, productive instrument.

Whitening is one of the most sought-after cosmetic improvements that patients seek. With a variety of retail and take-home products available, none can achieve the results and immediate impact of in-office whitening.

Research has shown that Epic dental lasers are capable of delivering 6-12 shades (varies by patient) with less than 20 minutes of gel-to-tooth contact time. The laser energy from an Epic laser interacts with chromophores in the proprietary laser-activated gel to accelerate the in-office whitening procedure.

The Total Epic Whitening Solution!

  • Epic X in-office PLUS
  • Epic White 2Go at home!

Laser Whitening and More

  • Fastest 20-Min. in-office laser whitening
  • Provides a whitening option for people with sensitive teeth
  • Generate new revenue for your practice with tooth whitening, minimally invasive surgery and pain therapy



A Better
Way to


Teeth whitening remains in high demand and can be a steady, reliable source of revenue for practices. With affordable per-patient costs and dramatic results in as little as 20 minutes, your practice can begin benefiting from Epic White 2Go today!

  • Quick, convenient whitening
  • Light-activated for faster whitening
  • Vibration for smooth/even coverage inter-proximally
  • Eliminates the hassle of custom trays an messy strips
  • No staff or dental chair time required